Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Illinois 40th Representative District: candidate forum sponsored by Old Irving Park Association

This blog entry is written from the perspective of someone who has volunteered for Mel Ferrand and will continue to volunteer for Ferrand. I encourage voters to write-in “Mel Ferrand” when they vote in the Democratic Primay for Illinois 40th State Representative.

Last night Old Irving Park Association and other community groups held a candidate forum for candidates in the 40th district. All candidates attended: Rep. JaimeAndrade, Ferrand, Aaron Goldstein, Wendy Jo Harmston, Mark Pasieka and Nancy Schiavone.

I have seen all these candidates when they appeared at Northside DFA. And I created online surveys where NDFA members came to the point of view that Ferrand was the right candidate to endorse. Some NDFA voting members loved her, most liked her and no one was opposed to her.

I felt like Goldstein performed the best at the candidate forum. He was passionate. He seemed to have thought about the issues. And he was just the best public speaker.