Saturday, April 28, 2012

worldwide government based on trust and respect

Right now we have a society that doesn't work particularly well. It is getting more coercive and oppressive. The economy is growing sluggishly. A small elite gets richer while most families lose ground from decade to decade.

The system is not working. Liberals make policy recommendations that are "go slowly" but not a change of direction.

I would like to begin the process of creating a constitution for a worldwide government with limited powers.

Here's the first draft statement:

We wish to live in a world where the values of trust and respect are the highest priority of government.

We expect that we should be able to trust institutions to do their duties.

We expect these institutions to treat individuals with respect.

We have lost confidence in existing institutions. Existing institutions have failed to deliver on basic expectations.

War, domestic spying and oppressive policies have become prominent tools of social control.

We, the people of the world, assert the right to create a worldwide government.

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