Sunday, September 30, 2012

second email sent to petition signers

The second email I sent to people who signed the petition is below. It went out Thursday, September 27 at 5:20 PM.

Thank you once again for signing the petition calling for Mayor Emanuel to pull the misleading advertisement paid for by Education Reform Now.

I have proposed asking for a meeting with Mayor Emanuel to ask him pointed questions about education policy in Chicago.

Many people who signed the petition sent me input on questions. I read all these emails and turned them into a long list of questions. I have put the questions into a survey and I want you to tell me which questions are most important to you. See

The areas of questions are:
  • Education Reform Now & the advertisement
  • Length of school day
  • TIFs
  • Board of Education
  • State of Illinois
  • The contract
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Mayor Emanuel
Please take the survey and identify which questions are most important to you.

Also, I'm looking for a delegation to meet with Mayor Emanuel. If you want to be one of the delegation, please email me.

Out of the thousands of people who signed the petition, I got two emails that were slightly negative. One woman asked to be taken off the petition. And another expressed concern about the volume of email.

This petition was created through, which is a project of Many of you are already on the email list. My earlier email (asking for input on questions for Mayor Emanuel) was the first email I sent to the list. This email is the second.


Carl Nyberg

Here's the link for the survey for those that skip to the end of the email:

PS While I am acting as an individual, I should give recognition to Northside Democracy For America, who has donated the use of the Survey Monkey account. Here's my message to people who have signed the Mayor Emanuel petition on the NDFA blog,

And, once again, take the survey: Having large numbers of people participate will give us clout when we ask for answers from Mayor Emanuel and the aldermen.

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