Monday, April 1, 2013

Firearm Owner Funded Buyback Program

The is a correlation between firearm ownership homicide. See Harvard School of Public Health.

Illinois could reduce homicide and gun violence by reducing the number of firearms in circulation. Below is a simple proposal.

Firearm Owner Funded Buyback Program

  1. There would be an annual registration fee per firearm of $10-45.
  2. At least 80% of this money would go to buying-up firearms.
  3. There would be a reward program for tips about people and households keeping unregistered firearms.

This program would decrease the firearms in circulation. This would result in fewer firearm homicides and presumably make it harder to get firearms to commit gun grimes.

Existing gun control proposals are so weak they are not worth supporting. Assault rifles and high-capacity magazines are used in a few high profile cases. Most gun violence is not commit with assault rifles or enabled by high-capacity magazines.

The NRA will scream that this is a "slippery slope to confiscation". The NRA and the people easily manipulated by NRA propaganda already scream this about every gun control proposal.

Email me at CarlNyberg116 [at] Gmail if your would sign a petition calling for this proposal to be implemented. If I get over twenty emails, I'll create a petition and get the ball rolling.

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