Friday, May 31, 2013

two things I want regarding gay marriage in Illinois

1. A list of Democratic representatives who refused to publicly commit to supporting gay marriage.

2. Polling data on each one of these representatives.

With these two things, the people can begin to organize themselves.
My assumption is that the mainstream gay rights groups will continue to plead for "yes" votes and offer to spread some money around.

That's fine. But to complement this "good cop" strategy there needs to be a "bad cop" strategy.

The Illinois General Assembly hasn't been performing well on a wide variety of issues, e.g. CME tax break, pensions, school closings, etc. They haven't delivered for the people. They have delivered for big money corporate special interests.

What particularly galls me about the gay marriage bill is that progressives did everything the Democratic Party asks.

1. Play nice in the tent.
2. Get enough Democrats elected.
3. Get the public on your side.

And there's one excuse the Democrats use against progressives on economic issues all the time. "Democrats can't be expected to challenge the economic powers and still win elections."

But that doesn't apply here. If the Democrats are never going to fight on economic issues and they aren't going to fight or take risks when the progressive activists do everything...

Well, in that case, it's time for some accountability.

Give me the list of Democrats who failed to publicly support gay marriage.

I would like the mainstream gay organizations to do the polling, but if they won't then we create a fund and do it that way.

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