Monday, July 15, 2013

a conceal carry pledge for Illinois

There have been a variety of responses to the "not guilty" verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin. The comfortable middle ground is that verdict was a correct rendering of Florida law. Zimmerman and Martin both made regrettable decisions in hindsight.

I think there are things that the State of Illinois could do to prevent bad outcomes. I want to propose an idea that should not be controversial.

If you are going to carry a firearm in public, you have to live up to higher expectations than the basic person on the street.

Getting a conceal carry permit should require the individual to sign a statement with provisions enforceable in the law. (continued below)
I represent that I am mentally and emotionally capable of exercising sound judgment.
I have read and understand the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to provide a state government and local community that is free and secure. I will not use my firearm in a way that diminishes freedom or reduces security.
I do not harbor animosity toward any group of people that would cause me to draw my firearm prematurely against members of this group.
I am not a law enforcement officer by virtue of the fact that I am carrying a firearm. Carrying a firearm does not convey any authority or legal powers upon me that a normal citizen does not already have.
When I am carrying my firearm, I will also carry a mobile phone. I will call law enforcement before drawing or discharging my firearm in public unless making the phone call is impossible. Having a depleted battery is not an acceptable excuse for not making the call.
If I am told to desist from a course of action by law enforcement, I will desist from that course of action. If I violate this rule, I will be held criminally liable for the harm that results.
I will report any incident where I discharge, draw, brandish or expose my firearm to communicate a threat.
I will neither initiate or escalate a physical or verbal conflict while armed.
If someone gets kills with my firearm I am responsible. I will keep control of my firearm unless required to surrender it to law enforcement.
I accept that accidental discharge of my firearm will result in loss of my conceal carry permit. If I accidentally discharge my firearm in a public place I will lose the right to own or possess firearms in Illinois.
I will promptly report any stolen or lost firearms. If the firearm(s) in question were not properly secured, I will lose my conceal carry permit.
If I find myself in a conflict, I will announce that I am armed and make every effort to disengage. If I fail to make a reasonable effort to disengage, I will be liable for the outcome of the conflict.
I will not become intoxicated while carrying a weapon in public. (It is allowed to go drinking if the weapons are locked in the trunk of the car. Obviously I will respect prohibitions against driving under the influence.)
I will not use violence or the threat of violence to attempt to change the government or influence public policy. I understand that simply advocating violence or making people feel threatened in this way is enough to cause me to lose my conceal carry permit.
I understand that my right to own and carry a firearm is a less important right than the rights of all to be physical safe and secure and to continue living. I accept that in cases of conflict freedoms, the right to carry a firearm in public is less important than the rights of the citizenry, including the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
If I know of someone who either violated her/his conceal carry oath or lied in signing it, I will report him to competent authorities.
I understand that if people who have conceal carry permits become a problem the annual fees for conceal carry permits will increase significantly.
What drives me nuts about Democrats and gun control advocates is that they fight over stuff that doesn't make a difference. I saw in my Facebook feed that Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-burbs) is advocating that churches be able to ban firearms. This is probably halfway decent politics, but it's pointless public policy.

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  1. How about just make everyone in the country sign a statement saying "I vow to not break any laws". Using your logic, this would be a revolutionary step that would lead to a beautiful Utopian world.

    My point is most of the things you list are simply illegal. Signing a statement doesn't change anything. What, is it now SUPER ILLEGAL?

    This is too often the logic of pro-gun control folks. We have the strictest gun laws in the nation, but some of the worst gun violence. We've literally gone to the extreme on guns, and the courts keep striking you down.

    But on to specifics. I'll just line by line it from the top.

    1- Duh, that's the law. And what's the point? Simply asking them and taking their word for it?

    2- There's a few other purposes to the 2nd amendment than that. Using a firearm in a way that diminishes freedom or reduces security is already illegal.

    3- Would be illegal. Also subjective. Also someone who does wouldn't care.

    4- Duh. Would be illegal.

    5- So carrying a fully charged mobile phone is now a prerequisite to practicing a constitutional right? Sorry buddy.

    6- Already illegal to do this. In cases where it's not, change the law.

    7- Already required

    8- So I can't get into a verbal conflict now? Sorry, it's a right.

    9- Already required. If it's stolen and used immediately I sure hope your provisions wouldn't apply.

    10- Meh not too bad. I guess I could accept this one.

    11- Already the law

    12- Standard operating procedure for anyone carrying with half a brain.

    13- Already illegal

    14- Freedom of speech to some extent. Otherwise, it's already illegal

    15- Pointless, subjective. I must share your value system to practice a constitutional right?

    16- HAHAHA. Again. Stupid. Make the entire populace sign something saying "IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO BREAKS A LAW YOU HAVE TO REPORT IT". Should solve all crime, right?

    17- Why in the hell should mistakes of others affect my ability to practice my constitutional right? Why should the punishment make it harder for the poor to carry?