Saturday, November 8, 2014

If Democrats want to win the House of Representatives, they can.

The path to winning will annoy the 1%. But they really haven't been paying their fair share, hey they?

Democrats should promise to pass a bill that will atone for the suffering caused by the Great Recession.

For ten years, Americans who vote will get from $500-1,500 on their birthdays. This will start in 2018 for Americans who vote in the 2016 election.

The money will come from cuts to stuff Democrats & Left say they want to cut:
  • star wars
  • domestic spying
  • wars
  • military spending
  • subsidies to fossil fuels
  • overseas military bases
  • aid to Israel & other Middle East countries
  • covert operations
  • federal prisons

And then add a few taxes

  • gross receipts tax on largest companies
  • financial transaction tax
  • taxes on financial sector
  • income tax on the 1%

The cuts and new revenue will exceed the cost of the program, so 1/3 of the new revenue should go to deficit reduction.

These cuts and these taxes are good policy.

Since the birthday bonuses will go to US citizens who vote, the program should boost participation in elections.

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