Monday, April 6, 2015

creating an elected commission to deal with airport noise

One thing I've learned from knocking doors: for the people who have airport noise as their #1 issue, it's their #1 issue. And not everyone is equally sensitive.

I live in Albany Park. With the new approach pattern, we get airport noise. But it doesn't bother me that much. But I met a woman in Albany Park equally far from the airport, and for her it's a huge issue.

I've also learned: airport noise is not just an issue for Chicago's northwest side. In addition to O'Hare generating noise, Midway generates noise complaints. And that new helicopter business going into Bridgeport is going to generate a bunch of noise complaints.

Proposal: create an elected commission to make suggestions about airport/aircraft noise that is elected from all precincts where airport/aircraft noise is a problem.

This commission would obviously represent precincts in Chicago, suburban Cook & DuPage County.

There would be commissioners elected over the entire region who would set the rules for the body.

But there would also be commissions that are specific to areas. For example:

Airport noise is a complex issue. It doesn't get spread evenly. People have different levels of sensitivity.

The issue needs attention on an ongoing basis.

And the history suggests that our existing institutions are going to defer to the people & companies making money from air travel.

Having a commission will create a forum to debate ideas on airport noise. And the ideas that do have popular support will be much harder to ignore, if there is an elected body that has vetted the proposal & supports it.

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