Tuesday, June 23, 2015

amending the US Constitution to require trade agreements deliver shared prosperity

It appears TPP is on the way to being a ratified trade agreement.

I propose the US Constitution be amended so that trade agreements are required to benefit the people, not just banks and corporations that make money on international trade.

All trade agreements shall be renegotiated and re-ratified at least once per decade.

All trade agreements are required to improve workers rights, other human rights, and the environment in countries affected by the trade agreement.

Congress shall create a process that allows the electorate of the United States to judge whether a trade agreement meets requirements of this amendment.

Upon ratification of this amendment Congress shall pass a law creating schedule for renegotiating existing trade agreements.

The process created by Congress for electorate to judge a trade agreement shall not preclude courts from enforcing this amendment.

We expect shared prosperity.

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