Wednesday, December 14, 2016

amending Illinois Constitution to require it to pass budgets annually

The Illinois Constitution apparently requires the Governor to submit a budget to the Illinois General Assembly. The Illinois Constitution requires the budget to be balanced.

But there's ambiguity (according to some people) about whether the State of Illinois is required to have a budget. Therefore, I propose the following amendment to the Illinois Constitution.

The people of Illinois have a right to State Government that passes annual budgets in a timely manner.

The budget shall be passed early enough the Governor can use it as a management tool.

The Governor failing to submit a budget in accordance with the Illinois Constitution shall be an offense that triggers impeachment and removal from office.

The budget shall be voted upon by a recorded vote.

The Supreme Court shall be empowered to enforce the requirement to pass balanced budgets annually.

If the Supreme Court has to intervene to pass the State of Illinois budget or to balance the budget, the citizenry shall be empowered to initiate a referendum to remove the Governor and/or all members of the General Assembly.

If the Governor or members of General Assembly are removed by this process they shall be precluded from holding positions of official trust for at least ten years.

The exact length of the exclusion and the scope shall be determined by the new General Assembly.
 There obviously needs to be mechanisms to force the Governor of Illinois and Illinois General Assembly to do their jobs.

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