Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Pepper Spray Republic (a poem dedicated to NATO & G8)

We exist in a society illegitimate
I wish revolution were imminent
A pepper spray republic
Voted upon by the ignorant
Consent of the governed not there
Frustration, anger, despair

Economic hitmen go overseas
Spread the Neo Liberal disease
Nobel president kills without law
Citizens United judges yawn
Al Qaeda crisis is fake
A distraction, the rich get their take

Legislators laughing with lobbyists
The knife in the back with the twist
Immigrants! Muslims! The media screams
The true economy remains unseen

Anxiety economy and technology
Elites see opportunity
Fear unravels democracy
The Jetsons don't live here, instead
Osama bin Laden is dead
Long live perpetual war
Industrial policy continues
Lord Keynes for serial killers
F.A. Hayek for Soup kitchen Nazis

Capitalists create a mess
Workers compete for less
A broken society waits
In the future, what is our fate?
Will corporate banks rule?
Citizens resist! What tool?

Long dead, Sun-tzu warned
A nation never profits
From war prolonged
When upheaval results
What do war profiteers plan?
Make money until people successfully resist
Kent State again in the streets

Greatest Generation” full of shit
Any prob, solution is war: that's it!
War builds character of generation
Stimulates economy, grows the nation
Every enemy is Hitler evil
Each war makes us more moral

We see the truth in Oakland, New York
Police commit crimes on video
Justice Department is blind
Civil rights are rights of the past

Elites see themselves as Gulliver bound
Little people, fools all around
Elites destroy trust in government

What kind of giants arise? 
Shall we be ruled by truth or by lies? 

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