Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: Chicago DFA, NDFA & SSDFA spin-off, an umbrella organization intended to support existing chapters...

This was submitted late in response to proposals titled Chicago DFA & splitting NDFA into Chicago DFA plus NDFA.

I propose working with SSDFA (and others) to form an umbrella organization to build our collective resources.  Basically reforging the national DFA model into a regional organization that is responsive to the local chapters.


NDFA & SSDFA spin-off, an umbrella organization intended to support existing chapters, cultivate new ones, and build the progressive grassroots in Chicago.

  • Volunteer board/steering committee has representatives from all regional DFA chapters
  • Will raise money to support programs
  • Does not make independent candidate endorsements
  • Cultivate DFA chapters in Chicago
  • Grow the collective volunteer base
  • Train the next generation of leaders
  • Increase the impact DFA has in Chicago
  • Develop a written best practices guide to advise DFA chapters
  • Offer access to email lists, volunteer pool to new and existing chapters
  • Mediate between local chapters if disagreements arise
  • Hire staff to supplement chapter organizing activities when needed (ie: election season)
  • Build collective email list using website, online petitions, social media, etc
  • Advertise DFA chapters and activities both online and in print literature
  • Directly recruit volunteers using training programs, participating in progressive activism, and offering speaker forums/seminars
  • Develop new leaders through training programs
  • Raise money to support programs through email, events, and call time
  • Increase networking between progressive organizations by co-hosting regular social events

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