Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: Member involvement committee

Title: Member involvement committee

Summary: Create a committee that has a mission of recruiting NDFA members to be active on committees; has a goal of having at least three members on committees; provides support to committee chairs.

  • Cause NDFA to be administered better
  • To empower NDFA voting members
  • Will strengthen committees to accomplish more, plus NDFA members who are active on committees will have more sense of ownership. 

Member involvement committee will have ongoing relationship with individual committee chairs. This committee will have a sense of what the goals for each committee are. The member involvement committee will feed members to committees but also ask NDFA members if they would like to deepen their involvement in organization by joining a committee.

Initial labor required:
Many NDFAers need to be connected to committees. Plus, the Member Involvement Committee needs to develop relationship with committee chairs.   

Ongoing labor:
My hope is that the work will almost entirely fall on members of the committee. 

Changes structure of NDFA (obviously).

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