Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: Include voter registration in tasks for group.

Title: Include voter registration in tasks for group.

Summary: Perhaps target specific precincts to increase registration and then work to get out the vote in that precinct.

  • Increase volunteer activities
  • Increase voting members
  • Increase meeting attendance
  • Bring more new people to meetings
  • Cause NDFA to win more elections (or higher %)
  • To support candidates in other ways
  • To empower NDFA voting members
  • To improve NDFA's brand/reputation 
Explanation: The precinct(s) would be chosen as we now endorse candidates. 
Labor: It would be the kind of labor we do now for endorsed candidates and would give members more opportunity to get voting status. 
Budget: I don't think so, but am unsure how we would get lists to target non registered voters.

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