Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: periodic SWOT analysis from multiple perspectives

Title: periodic SWOT analysis from multiple perspectives

Summary: Every year NDFA would budget for a SWOT analysis to be conducted by independent/outside person. The SWOT analysis would rotate who was being surveyed: NDFA voting members, formerly endorsed candidates/campaign staff & other organizations.

  • Cause NDFA to be administered better
  • Improve Voting Member Retreats
  • To empower NDFA voting members
  • To improve NDFA's brand/reputation
  • To improve NDFA's working relationship w/ other groups 
Expanded explanation: Doing a SWOT analysis annually will keep NDFA focused on organizational improvement on an ongoing basis. It's important to know what the voting members think, but it's also useful to get outside input. I want to build on NDFA's reputation for being the most open, inclusive & democratic progressive organization. I want NDFA to be considered particularly well run.
Labor required: Yes, but I will take responsibility for doing it or recruiting volunteers 
The chief thing required is to hire someone to do the analysis. That's work, but not particularly demanding. 
Cost: $300-800

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