Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: splitting NDFA into Chicago DFA plus NDFA

Title: splitting NDFA into Chicago DFA plus NDFA

Summary: NDFA should spin-off "Chicago DFA" which would be a separate organization with the mission of growing DFA chapters in the region based on NDFA model.

  • Increase volunteer activities
  • Increase voting members
  • Bring more new people to meetings
  • Raise more money
  • Cause NDFA to be administered better
  • Cause NDFA to win more elections (or higher %)
  • To improve NDFA's brand/reputation 
  • Primarily this would happen to build capacity. With five (or more) DFA groups w/ 30+ voting members, we could push for a progressive agenda better in elections. 

  Expanded explanation:
  1. A board/steering committee needs to be created for Chicago DFA. 
  2. Chicago DFA would be responsible for paying/supervising the administrator position. 
  3. Chicago DFA would create a plan for growing new DFA chapters (including support of DFA chapters that need to grow their steering committees & voting member rolls). 
  4. Chicago DFA needs to fundraise. 
  5. (optional) Chicago DFA would make deal with DFA to have a staff member who gets paid by both DFA & Chicago DFA here in Chicago. 

Initial labor required:
  1. Details need to be hammered out. 
  2. A board/steering committee needs to be created. 
  3. Money needs to be raised. This is a big project.  

Labor required ongoing basis: Fundraising, organizing, coordination. 

Money? maybe $40,000 per year, but Chicago DFA would raise most of this

Yes, this changes NDFA's structure. 

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