Friday, August 7, 2015

NDFA proposal: Issues Committee

Title: Issues Committee

Summary: To create a committee to deal with issues, especially issues pertaining to elections.

  • Cause NDFA to win more elections (or higher %)
  • To empower NDFA voting members
  • To improve NDFA's working relationship w/ other groups 
  • To keep NDFA members happy. 

NDFA's bylaws provide for NDFA to do issues work within the realm of issues that effect elections, eg online voter registration, same-day registration, etc. IIRC NDFA has also decided that if a matter is going to be on the ballot, NDFA reserves the option of taking a position on these matters.  
Initial work: Not beyond forming the committee. 

Ongoing work: I could see this committee generating work for the rest of NDFA, yes.  

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